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This is an online voting app for alternate voting systems. Built with Node.js, Express and MongooseDB. We successfully ran a fraternity election using the web app.


This is a mobile web app that allows users to register, create courses, and post notes (twitter-style) for each class.

Technologies used:

Feel free to log on with username 'demo', password 'password'

View Source | View Demo | The demo is currently

Please note, the app is hosted on my laptop which isn't necessarily running all of the time and definitely is not secure. Grade received: A+


This is a wish list creation and sharing website. No demo, but check the source on GitHub.


This is a mobile web app that allows users to upload an iTunes library or playlist xml. A library is then built where playlists can be made and songs can be chosen. When a song is chosen, the YouTube API is called to display corresponding music videos

Technologies used:

View Source | View Demo

Please note, there is a demo xml file called Library.xml. This was also a group project. I did everything but the YouTube integration. Grade received: A

Mobile Mini Projects

These projects are all best when viewed on a mobile device. There is no back-end, so all source is within the directories.


Classic 15 puzzle. Built using JQuery mobile.

Silly Sign Up

An exercise in mobile sign up processes. Built using JQuery mobile.


A short game to experiment with mobile accelerometers


An app that works well on both desktop and mobile. Listens for user's geolocation.

To-Do List

An Ajax-y todo list. With local storage and responsive layout.

Other Mini Projects

These are experimental projects to explore the possibilities of HTML5/CSS/Javascript. There is no back-end, so all source is within the directories.

Responsive Layout

An exercise in making responsive layouts to browser size.

Photo Phinder

Uses Google's maps API to query Panoramio to display photos taken near that location.


A product expo page I made for a hypothetical product/company. Not school affiliated. More design focused. Hover mouse over the bottle for a surprise! Works best on a webkit-enabled browser like Chrome or Safari

Alien Data Collector

An early web app that takes information from the user. Uses AJAX to populate a field and validate form info

Defend the Planet!

My first real experience with JavaScript and Canvas. Imperfections and all.