Paul Weidinger



I am the engineering manager, strategist, and product manager at Robotic Vision Technologies. We produce machine vision software for the manufacturing industry.

Update June 2020: I am now actively looking for another high-impact position in tech and engineering leadership. Take a look at my resume and if you or someone you know looks like a good fit, please reach out.


I studied computer science and business at Carnegie Mellon. Professionally, I've worked as an engineer for the marketing automation and predictive analytics firm Sailthru. I have also privately consulted on multiple machine learning projects.


I am actively working on machine learning and quantitative trading projects with my good friend, Gleb Drobkov, in my spare time. At work, I led the team and developed the back-end for a real-time data analytics platform in Python, integrated our software with 3 new robots, and orchestrated the redesign, refactor, and back-end to a complete UI/UX overhaul for our premium product. (Code samples here upon request)

Some school and other personal projects can be found here or on Github.


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Please get in touch if you'd like to ask me a question or start a conversation.

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